One beautiful 7th grade student shuffled hesitantly into the Learning Center. Her shoulder length hair carefully parted in the middle fell smoothly and turned softly in a page-boy cut at her shoulders. Her head hung forward when she walked and her hair fell across her face leaving only one-half inch of her face visible. She was new in town and her new friends who served as tutors at the Learning Center introduced her and said that she needed to see how we do math. I was privileged to work with each new student and she soon learned 6 Times Tables and learned to divide in the millions. She eagerly attended the next day and learned 7 Times Tables and division. On the third day she looked me in the eye when spoken to, responded confidently and walked as if on a cloud. Her appearance and confidence change was astounding. Her mother commented that she has better friends here than where she came from.  Has success in math made a difference? 

It is agreed that 65% of all children learn better visually. 

  • Do you know a child who wants to see it done and not read instructions?
  • Do you know a child who wants to know how and why things work? 
  • Do you know a child who doubts they can ever have success in math?