When you buy our Cool Tools Math courses, you’re investing in your child’s future. Because your student learns differently, you’ve decided to capture that brilliance and give them the tools to succeed, not only in math, but in other areas of their lives as well!
With each course, you get not only a colorful, durable, reusable activity book, but you get unlimited access to teaching videos your student can digest at their own pace. These videos are brought to you by a caring math tutor and are warm and conversational with just enough exciting “secrets” to keep students engaged and wanting more.
You have lifetime access to the videos, which means if you have multiple kids with math struggles, you’re covered! Plus, your students can use the activity books again and again.
Check out each of our courses below to see which will fit your student’s needs. Or, if you’re ready for complete math immersion, opt for our Cool Tools Math courses bundle and save!



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